Semi-permanent 2019

Project Description

I was approached by the Hazel and Heidi at Elastic to be part of the team working on this title sequence. It was a huge team effort with people contributing from all over the globe. Big thanks to the team at Elastic for all the effort in wrangling this massive project.


Design Studio: Elastic
Directors: Hazel Baird & Heidi Berg
Producer: Michael Ross
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Full credits below


These images are the starting point for a lot of what ended up in the piece. The team at Elastic loved these and wanted to bring them into several scenes. The unique look mixed with bright color combos was the perfect backdrop for our characters transformation.

Working procedurally in AE allowed me to make quick changes and have them animated in no time.


Tasked with visual exploration, I explored wildly colorful and interesting patterns to create styles that are uncommon. I wanted to build something that would be in complete contrast to the moody atmosphere of the rest of the film.

Building these all using After Effects and Cinema 4D allows me to iterate quickly and use different tenchiques to create something unique.



The team was looking for a way to make the Shadow section a vital transformation in the process of creating art. During the process of exploration, I tried various ways to create something imposing and strange through the use of patterns and environment.

The hands and how the shadow figure interacts with our protagonist was a vital moment. These explorations show a few variations on how the Shadow would grab the character and start to feed off of their energy.



My process for exploring visuals starts in After Effects where I can quickly build comps based on layers and have everything update based on small changes. Working like this brings alot of flexibility and allows for more variations in a shorter timeframe.

I was able to build these clouds backgrounds using only layers of noise, all procedurally. This made it extremely easy to add some keyframes and have a completed shot within a few hours.


Post Production
Design Studio: Elastic
Directors: Hazel Baird & Heidi Berg
Lead Animator and Compositor: Gabriel Perez
Editor: Doron Dor
Designers: Margherita Premuroso, Daniel Moreno, Sekani Solomon, Ethem Cem, Gyrun Kim, Min Shi, Carlo Sa, Enes Ozenbas
Animation:Margherita Premuroso, Gyrun Kim, Daniel Moreno, Sekani Solomon, Curry Tian, Brandon Parvini, Rachel Brickel, Tom Di Stasio, Jon Fitz, EJ Kang, Faraz Abbasi
Typographic Design and Animation: Benjamin Woodlock, Sam Sparks, Steve Biggert
Additional Design: Curry Tian, Mike Zeng, Mert Kizilay, Kaya Thomas, Carlos Enciso, Jeff Han, EJ Kang, Henry DeLeon
Additional CG Support: Josiah Scholten, Josh Dyer, Colton Smrz, Jose Limon, Paulo De Almada, Alex Silver
Editorial Support: Rachel Fowler
Storyboards: Arien Walizdeh
Special Thanks: Murray Bell, Jennifer Sofio Hall, Kate Berry, Andrew Romatz, Yongsub Song, Felix Soletic, OTOY

Producer: Michael Ross
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Executive Creative Director
Wilson Brown
Executive Producer
Sue Lee
Jennifer W. Fife

Composition & Arrangement
Wilson Brown, Dalton Harts
Composition & Sound Design
Yuta Endo, Bennett Eiferman
Diane Wong
Audio Colorist
Spencer Casey

FAME'S Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra
Oleg Kondratenko
Alen Hadzi Stefanov, Igor Vasilev
Stage Managers
Riste Trajkovski, Ilija Grkovski
Bruno Serroni