Daniel Moreno

I am a designer and animator currently working at Wieden + Kennedy PDX. I studied Motion Design at Ringling College of Art and Design. I am a design thinker who designs with motion and experience in mind. I like to create experiences whether it's in the form of a film title or commercial or an interactive installation.

I love taking concepts from the early stages of designing and storyboarding to animating and finishing. My goal in life is to make great work and be proud of it.

Aside from art, I have over 13 years of classical music background primarily playing the cello. I have an obsession for video games, film and technology. My favorite directors are David Fincher, Soderbergh, and Christopher Nolan. Designers I stalk are Saul Bass, Danny Yount, and Sagmeister. I have a thing for pixel art and octopi. 


I'm always looking for collaborations of any kind. Feel free to say hi!

Hella Dumb Posters Side Project - 3 Dudes at W+K + Random Word Generator + Google Image Search + 45 mins. = insane poster challenge.



Contact Me

Email - dmoreno [dot] me [at] gmail.com

Vimeo - Vimeo.com/dmoreno

Behance - https://www.behance.net/Morenod