Welcome Back

It's been a while...


It's been a crazy few months since I started this thing. Immediately after starting, Freelance work picked up like crazy, which in addition to getting huge projects at work, really stacks up.

But now I'm back and can start dedicating more time to this. It's been burning a whole in my brain constantly. Over the winter break I looked up tons of reference and have a better idea of what I want to do with it.

Originally story wise, I wanted a classic spy tale with lots of action and cliches from that genre. I'm slowly moving towards a different mood and feel to incorporate some more of what I'm good at and what inspires me. It will still have a nice bit of action and quick cuts but might have some deeper meanings etc.



Here's a few pieces of reference that are starting as the basis of this piece.


Lighting and Tone

Next Time...

I should have another posting relatively soon with some rough sketches of one scene in the story.