Did I Say 2-3 times a week?

There's some kind of cosmic karma that likes to strike right as I say I'm not busy enough. Well, Now I'm swamped at work and have intense freelance work simultaneously. Concepting my side project has taken longer than I thought it would.

So I have an update even though it's a minor update.


To begin, Let's start at my favorite film of all time. 

The 2003 remake of The Italian Job.

This film is a perfect blend of action, adventure and drama. Add in some cool cars, a varied cast and you have a great pulp action film. I love the heist idea and turning it from something they do to get rich into a way to get back at someone ( without spoilers ). I love the stylistic choices in everything from the title sequence to the montage scenes to even the character backgrounds.

I also have a certain affinity for James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Jackie Chan. They each blend the action and style in a unique way. In particular, Jackie Chan and Indiana Jones have certain restrictions in their films. There's not many points where either of them have the upper hand from the get go. They are always hindered in some way. That makes them comedic but also genuine. Our hero shouldn't be able to outgun his enemy. They should have to fight intelligently to make it through events and not without luck.

This video is a breakdown of what makes Jackie Chan the best in action comedies.

Some more inspiration comes from The Incredibles to The Maltese Falcon to Oceans Eleven.


The principle of being unprepared and overwhelmed is one that I think will translate perfectly to this project. I want to show a spy in their best form. No guns, No special gadgets, just wit.

My inspiration for this project is a 1960-1970's spy film based in Italy. I will be using stylistic editing, composition and timing to help drive the feel of the film.

My next post will definitely have some more imagery in the form of inspiration and references.