So here I am a short year after graduating and while I've worked on a lot of really great client projects, there have been more that been killed or locked away under a stack of NDA's somewhere. Is it really that much of a bummer to have that happen? Well, no because each project has been an opportunity for learning and growth and I've done lots of both. The problem starts with my own ideas and dreams. Where do I go from here?

I've developed some sort of exhaustion. There's times when I don't want to look at a computer at all after work but if I do have the motivation to do something, I don't know where to start.

My personal projects have become endless projects that will A. never get finished as I "start" new ideas constantly or B. never get the time investment needed to really make them interesting and fun.

Enter WIP

This "blog" of sorts will become an outlet and a commitment to developing ideas and building upon projects even when I feel fatigued by them. Making something public like this will hopefully compel me to finish some projects and continue to learn and develop my skills.

My goal for this project is to develop my design skills, both conceptually and visually. I prefer to think of design in a more open ended way though. Design to me isn't something that lives only in 2D or on paper. Composition, storytelling, craft and mood are all design to me. Kubrik is as much a designer as Paul Rand is. They might have used different media but the intention and thought that went into their work is what design is to me. This blog will be a continually evolving path down my road to becoming a better artist and designer.

Motion Memorial

It seems right to start this off by showing the projects that didn't get to see the light of day. A motion memorial of sorts. Maybe they'll see the light of day again in the future.

You can see some more little studies I've done here.

My first post will be coming shortly with some fun drawings and design sketches. Stay tuned!