Ted X Sarasota Opening

Director/Design/Animation/3D/Compositing/Sound Design : Daniel Moreno
Client: Ted X Sarasota

10 Sec Intro ID's for their speaker, Dan Duffy. Thank you TedX Sarasota, Dan Duffy, and all of the other speakers for the inspiring messages. 


I had the pleasure of having Dan Duffy as the speaker to introduce. Dan Duffy is a filmmaker and a Cancer Survivor with his short films helping other cancer patients cope with their illness.

One of his themes is to take something negative and turn it into a positive. I also incorporated the conference theme " Harmonious Havoc ". What I created is a fractal based pattern that grows into a large, chaotic madness and as the viewer starts to pull back you get to see that the final result is a beautiful and organic cell. 

I also wanted to incorporate elements of an MRI and give the feeling that this is a digital representation of something real and organic like you would see on an MRI.

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