This is a collection of things I've made during the process of working on this title sequence for FITC. Some of it evolved and some of it had to be killed. I worked with a great team of people for several months to create this piece. My roles were Assistant Director, Motion Designer, VFX Supervisor & Camera Assistant.

"The concept is the story of a young artist commissioned to create her most ambitious work yet. We follow her through an exploration of self, along with the many states that creating can lead you to. I fed off the emotions I was experiencing making these titles; emotions such as curiosity, excitement, anxiety, passion, fear, helplessness and sacrifice. In the end it's these devices that became the foundation for the piece resulting in the artist leading herself to selling out and giving away her soul."

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Key Art

Photograph & Retouching - Kyle Pero

Photograph & Retouching - Kyle Pero


Very early poster and type explorations inspired by swiss type.

Exploration - Trailer

Exploration - Type interaction


The existence of inner demons as you create led to experimentation using double negative techniques as well as mirroring and high contrast imagery to create interesting shapes made from the body. I played with making all of these read as graphic elements at first glance.

An exploration on how to make the inner demons appear from within and using several different distortion techniques to create an organic but still strange ghostly image.

Exploration - prism

Creating always leads to times where nothing is clear and everything is distorted. This idea led to several iterations of glass distortions. Putting figures behind different refractive and reflective surfaces to break the image and give a more graphic textural quality to the footage. I loved playing with the camera and glass and how much you can push distortion with such a simple setup.


Peiter Charles Hergert

Sarah Gamazo

1st Assistant Director
Daniel Moreno

Director of Photography
Jeredon OConner | Ada Nikolaidis

1st Assistant Camera
David Potter

2nd Assistant Camera
Daniel Moreno

Peiter Charles Hergert

VFX Supervisor
Ada Nikolaidis | Daniel Moreno

Motion Designers
Daniel Moreno | Alex Bernard | Carlos Enciso | Mark Lundgren

Typography Design & Title Animation
Alex Bernard

Wardrobe Stylist, Hair & Makeup
Karen Koch | Katie McHugh | Kimberly Lynn Hergert

Set Design & Construction
Peiter Charles Hergert | Kimberly Lynn Hergert | Karen Koch | Katie McHugh | James Aloysius

Sound Design & Music
John Black | CypherAudio

Anne Schuyler-Moon