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LAIKA | Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the two strings - laika

Featurette Title Cards

Myth of Kubo

Crafting An Epic

Covering A Classic

Creatures of Darkness

A series of title cards created at W+K for Laika's newest film, Kubo and The Two Strings. These were created for the film's featurettes on the Blu ray. Some of them also became short youtube clips as previews.

Each title had a week production time from concept to final composite including approvals. Titles were created using C4D, XParticles, and Nuke.



Daniel Moreno - Design, Animation, Particles, Compositing
Myth of Kubo | Settling the Score | Covering A Classic | 

Alex Bernard - Design, Animation, Compositing
Lower Thirds | Corners of The Earth

Carlos Enciso - Design, Animation, Compositing
Creatures of Darkness | Laika | Focus Features

Carlos Enciso - Design, Animation
Daniel Moreno - Compositing
Crafting An Epic