Roles: Look Dev, 3D Designer, Animator

Design explorations for the visual aesthetic of the piece. This project was a technical test to determine the workflow of a VR 360 Experience. I took over working on visuals early on, trying to give the piece a nice look and design. Ultimately, some of the visuals were abandoned due to time constraints and cost.

Technical Hurdles

There were no other VR tools available at the time. We decided to use a stitching system and render using 65 cameras and stitching them together in Nuke using custom tools. VRAY for C4D was used for the quality anti-aliasing and speed improvements. The project was done mostly in down time between other jobs and as such time for refinement was always short. The biggest troubleshooting issues came from the refraction in the "water" and the glass/ice elements.

Full 360 Video


Key frame

The image below served as a basic composite test and how to leverage Cinema 4D's render passes to create solid shadows and basic shader development. Ultimately abandoned due to the amount of file handling (30fps * 10 seconds * 65 cameras * x number of passes) and compositing work needing to be done.

Composite Test


More shader and geometry tests

Early Prototype