Black sheep

Design/Production/Co-Director: Daniel Moreno
Producer/Co-Director: Javier Aparente
Design/Production/Co-Director: Yahira Hernandez
Design/Animation: James Heredia
Design/Production: Alex Bernard
Animation: Gennie Fasanella
Animation: Klarissa Parduba

RCAD's Motion Design Senior Show was non-existant for the newest major at the college. A few close friends and I decided to take it into our own hands
and make it the best senior show on campus. We really wanted to represent our class properly and show off the immense talent while giving everyone the send off they deserved.

two venues, one event

One of the things we wanted for the senior show was to show off our thesis for the first time to the outside world. We didn't want them to get lost in the party. We decided on splitting the event into two parts and two locations. 

Our thesis would be shown in the auditorium where everyone could see it undisturbed. Then we would all move to the party location where the rest of the work would be shown and where people would mingle. 


We ended up on the theme of Black Sheep. We are often the major left out of most things in our school where Computer Animation and Game Art and Design reign king. As such, being the black sheep of the herd meant we were different, pioneering, and stronger in the end because of that.

Final Theme Design

Senior intro's



We made some viral videos about abducting the president of our school and sending out glitched emails to raise support for our show.